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3P Technik has a complete line-up of RWH products ranging from DIY home kits to heavy duty, high volume industrial filters and special filters for contaminated surface drainage. We have designed and built RWH systems for houses, schools, factories, hospitals, showrooms, apartments, car parks, stations, shopping centers and luxury condominiums. Our 20-year experience and expertise in plumbing services help us design RWH systems and specify components that integrate well with the entire plumbing system.

Custom-made water storage tanks using HDPE or FRP (above ground panel tanks or underground moulded tanks) may be offered as economical alternatives to reinforced concrete tanks. We also provide post storage water treatment equipment such as multi-media filtration, ultra-violet(UV) disinfection devices, and pressure boosting pumps and controls to complement your RWH systems. Our goal is to provide quality, truly water saving and efficient RWH systems – including services to facilitate Green Building Index (GBI) certification for your building

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